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2020-01-18  (08:58)


The prediction for the future of Europe up and till now has been seen as foggy and mysterious. But not anymore- after the historic event of plundering of multicultural treasure-store being stolen in Cyprus, no puzzles regarding the near future of the EU have been left.

The prediction as merciless as Pushkin
's "Russian revolt" - they will plunder all what's left and turn off the light! Such a bright future is awaiting for the old continent.

Those with less sense of understanding may be keen to know who specifically are the ones who will plunder everything? There are answers to this.

'European' money, full of fear, will try to find for themselves a reliable port - and they will find it in Germany. After all they won
't try to seek a refuge in Italy.

After the Cyprus will turn into a cave full of pirates, and probably the same scenario is going to happen also to other "tax havens", which is why Prime Minister of Luxembourg recently on public reacted so shockingly, European money simply have no chance to slip away.

Pirates are already searching around the whole globe, the liberty-and- justice lovers "wiki- revengers" are leaking out names of "heavenly" members of off-shore, and after, that to find out their account numbers is now just a matter of not too much complicated technology.

"European money" will by cleverly collected by shrewdly Germans, who, because of their romanticism, will think that all of that is now belonging to them, but soon a bitter disappointment will follow. "European money" that Germans will collect, will be from Germans at once taken by those who print the money themselves with their own printing machines and draw them on the computer displays - by our greedy transoceanic Partners - ZOPA.

And it make sense: they themselves print the money, so they will also steal them, so that their hellish factory for producing a faked money can have a little rest.

It can be understood they are trying to transform the EU barely within two months into a "superstate", The European Federation, with joint budget and if possible also with a joined super-bank, and with a global balance
threatened huge euro-army consisting of two multicultural brigades of Foreign Legion. Considering it to be a right thing to do, as the Washington explained: everything in Europe has to be centralized with a Stalinist pace, everything has to be collected to the last penny, therefore it must happen. Why should ZOPA go into various European far-away forgotten places and collect their pennies from there - it wouldn't suite to a big masters. Since long time ago Yankees can't tell the difference between map of Europe and map of Africa, but they surely still do know the location of Germany, as they have their troops over there. Let's locate it all together in one place only, in Germany - ZOPA will then collect it all at once.

It isn
't yet completely clear, how, from such a powerful, proud and ambitious Germany, which suddenly will find itself being filled up with a huge amount of money, how they will take that amount of money from them at once. I believe it is in this mater the most unpleasant scenarios may be expected to happen.

The money can be easily erased by elusive "hackers" - and to make it sounds more juicy, they may picture them as being  Chinese or Russians. But that is the childish version, not so much to rely on: What if someone
backed all these megabits of money up many times over and they can be restored?

The history of the last few centuries learned a standard tool to carry out operations for devaluation of money through revolutions and wars. And in this world there is a unique expert on stirring up wars and revolutions of various sizes and formats and transforming them into a pure profit. There is no need to say who they are. Even such a nice word as ZOPA can lose its luster if it is used too often.

It will be basically these wars and revolutions which will be unpleasant surprises, since weak in spirit and with intellectual limitations European politicians failed to understand the range of military and revolutionary attempts of unique professionals behind the ocean, Europeans are not even aware of what is taking place in their own backyards. And those who can see, they keep silence.

's imagine a kitchen of a global U.S. policy in the form of a large kitchen stove, where on the various burners are being cooked a poisonous jams. Something similar to a small house of Baba Yaga from a beautiful Soviet film Frosty. With content of which of those pots will they scald out over the Europe? There is plenty of options to choose from, because Baba Yaga reached her peak of her culinary art. Kosovo, Syria, Iran, the Middle East, Afghanistan, North Korea, Venezuela, North Africa. Everywhere it is already burning, or at least the smoke is coming out, just like in the moors.

In our history, their the last episode of breaking into the European safe was a war in Yugoslavia in 1999 - that time the euro fell and the money fled to America by itself. Now everything has become more complicated, Russia and China stands firmly on their feet, therefore
for the money to fled into America won't be that easy, and even that is not sure if that will happen. And this is also one of the reasons why there are so many soups being cooked in the devilish kitchen of the U.S. State Department, according to all tastes and for all circumstances.

What the approximate scenario of the future money withdrawal from Europe can look like, who, out of fear, will transfer all their savings to Germany?

Basically something similar to what had happened during the liquidation of Yugoslavia, may happen again. A war, which made Europe once again realized its own incompetence, or let say even its own unworthiness. But this agonizing self-reflection of the old continent will be just a by-plot only.

A major plot might also take place like this: The war
between South and North Korea will unleash, which will be supplied with limited dosages of nuclear weapons, which itself will shake the whole of humanity.

It may also even happen in an easier way- a similar effect can be achieved by destroying nuclear reactors of  South Korea - there are 23 of them. Radioactive contamination inevitably will affect Japan - and will be bring about destruction of Japan, one of the economic pillars of today's world. Substantial harm will occur to China, and to Russia. Stock will descends into chaos, and the global financial system will break. And in times of these turbulent murky waters, who will be the ones to catch the biggest fish? Those ones who themselves will create the chaos. And the fate of
European money obediently collected by Germans, will be resolved quite simply: it is nice that you have so much euros, unfortunately the euro has lost its value. Surely you must understand this current collapse and default.

Of course we can say that Korea is far away, however it is an optical self-delusion. In the world everything is already very close to everything, and everything is together interconnected.

Unpleasant surprises can happen as a result of a significant event such as a big war in Korea, about which now they busily keep on writing in all the world's newspapers or similar catastrophic developments, which scenario is, if we consider the smoking clouds rising over Washington's Hell's Kitchen, more or less inevitable. Question is not whether it will happen or not, but rather, where it will start and how it will proceed.



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